My name is Anthony Marshall and I am the owner/operator of the Kincrawler.com search engine. My main hobbies are genealogy and web programming so I decided to combine the two in an attempt to make one of the largest genealogy specific search engines on the internet. My main goal is to help others find their family history by creating a genealogy search that is completely free and linked to pages that are also completely free.

What is Kincrawler.com?

Kin Crawler is a web crawler/search engine that works similar to Google. My software program is constantly crawling the web looking for any pages that pertain solely to genealogy. Once it finds them it indexes each page and put the words or cache into a database on my server. The search engine then takes what you type in and searches the database for matching words. It then tries to return a list of pages that best match your query.

Kin Crawler is meant to be a tool used to help you with your research. It will return the best matches based upon your query however it does require you to to follow up by visiting the page and do some reading. I highly recommend installing my Chrome browser extension that automatically highlights words on the results pages based on what you enter into the kin crawler search box.

Start with a Surname and Location

If you are looking for a specific surname you might want to start with a broad search and simply try choosing a location and entering a last name such as Smith. You can then go through the results and click on the links. Using my Chrome browser extension will help you look through each of these transcribed documents or web pages and quickly find names.

Searching by First and Last Name

By default if you type in two or more words it will return only pages that contain all of those words. So if you want to try narrowing your search you can type in a first and last name such as John Smith and choose a location.

Does Kin Crawler use Search Operators like Google?

Yes it does. If you type in a phrase in quotations such as “John Smith” it will try to find pages that have that exact phrase. This is something to be careful with because many genealogy related documents and pages list names in different ways. A page might list a term like “Smith, John” in which case your exact phrase search for “John Smith” will not be found. To be safe you should try your search with and without quotations.

Page Ranking and Relevancy

One common mistake that some people make is assuming that if it's not on the first couple of results pages then it is not relevant. The software does try to return the most relevant pages first however there are so many genealogy related pages that the 10th results page might be just as worthy of looking at as the first. The serious researcher should look through everything and leave no stone unturned.

What if you get NO results?

If you are trying a very specific search like "John W Smith Boone County 1890" you may want to try broaden your search with a simpler query. Most of the time it is best to leave out the middle name or initial. You might want to exclude any terms such as dates or county specific words. Also, trying different spellings of the names may yield more results.

Also please remember that although we have over 9 million pages indexed that truly is only just a small portion of the internet. If the name is uncommon it might simply not be in the database. We are crawling the web everyday for new pages so please come back and try your search again.

Why do you have Banner Ads?

These banner advertisements help me pay for all the server costs and keep Kin Crawler free.

You are not obliged to click on any however if you do decide to join Ancestry.com or any of the other large sites please visit their sites by clicking on my banners. I will recieve a small commisson for every sign-up or sale and that money will help pay for server costs and help grow Kin Crawler into a great free genealogy resource!

If you really like the site you can also donate by using paypal. Even just a few dollars can help me pay for the costs of running this site. Thank you!

Do you have a question for me? Please email me at admin@kincrawler.com for any questions, feedback or suggestions

Anthony Marshall